Friday, November 6, 2015

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How to know the past SIP returns of Mutual Fund investments?

In my last videos, we have seen how to calculate returns and growth rate of LIC plans. In this video, we will see how to get the same numbers for SIP investments in Mutual Funds. SIP is basically a Systematic Investment Plan to regularize your investments in Mutual Funds. You can opt for monthly or quarterly investments with as minimum as 500 rupees a month. And you can automate the entire schedule of investments. If you talk about any equity investments, lump sum investment is straightaway a no-go. We’ll see more about the essence of SIP style of investments in later videos.
Here, in this video, w’re gonna see past returns of some of the Mutual Funds in the Tax saving or ELSS category.
For records, we are gonna see the returns of monthly SIP investments on these funds from May 5th, 1999 to Oct 5th, 2015. Thats a period of nearly 16 years.
First of them is Franklin India Tax Shield. The fund was launched way back in 1999. About the other funds, HDFC Tax Saver was launched in 1995, SBI Magnum Tax gain in 1993, and the recent top performer, Axis Long term equity in 2009.
These are the returns of these funds in the last 16 years, for a monthly investment of 3000 rupees.
Franklin India Tax Shield
with the growth rate of 22.06%, your return is 46.3 lakhs.
HDFC Tax Saver
with the growth rate of 22.97%, your return is 50.6 lakhs.
SBI Magnum Tax Gain
with the growth rate of 22.32%, your return is 47.5 lakhs.
And, the relatively new fund, Axis Long term equity
with the growth rate of 25.45%, your return is 4.3 lakhs.
Before you finish digesting these figures, let me remind you that the expected growth rate of LIC’s Jeevan Anand plan is just 7.77%.
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